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Working with Mandy has been a fantastic experience.  Her professionalism, sense of customer service and sense of urgency have made the experience of creating a company quite pleasant.

Mandy's extensive network and good working relationships with various administrations allow for matters to be dealt with in a swift and efficient manner. If you are thinking of setting up a company, need back office support and are looking for a trustworthy partner, Mandy ticks all of the boxes, crosses all the T's and dots the I's.

If you need help with administrative paperwork, I strongly recommend you talk to Mandy.

Philip Grother – CEO Stepping Stone Sàrl.


Mandy and PMCL have been working together since the beginning of 2015.  It is a pleasure to communicate with Mandy, she is always friendly and responds quickly.  All our information is provided on time with clear explanations for the things that we do not directly understand ourselves.  Often we have the feeling that we are her most important client.  Thank you Mandy.

Nienke Berends - Owner at Paramedical Centre Luxembourg.


Mandy is a dedicated and reliable professional, and it has been a pleasure working with her. She was very diligent on her follow-ups and provided excellent results.
If you need help with administrative paperwork, I strongly recommend you talk to Mandy.

Domingo De la Cruz - Manager at Bright Consulting Luxembourg S.à.r.l.


I have worked with Mandy for a number of years on various assignments, mainly in the area's of data capture, VAT and Revenue audit. I have found Mandy to be committed, motivated and meticulous in her work. On one particular occasion she attended a Revenue audit for one of our Irish clients and with her input it was possible to deliver detailed replies to queries raised ahead of time. Mandy attained the best possible outcome for the company concerned ensuring a clean bill of health.
Mandy is passionate about and determined to achieve success and growth for her clients businesses and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Damien Kenny - Partner at Fitzgerald & Associates, Ireland.


I'd done a fair bit of research on trying to set-up a company in Luxembourg prior to meeting with Mandy. I spoke to a variety of accountants, Fiduciaries, and sole traders in both the UK and Luxembourg, so I felt I had a pretty good idea of what would be required of me and how much it would cost. I sat down with Mandy after hearing her pitch at a business lunch for how Red Squirrel can help businesses of all sizes in Luxembourg.

Having run through my idea for a business with her, it took her only two questions to make me realize that the range of "experts" I'd spoken to had only given me 20% of the picture! Mandy then walked me through what my business would be expected to produce and handle in terms of regulations, company structure, taxes, payroll, invoicing, payables, post handling etc. On each topic she was able to clearly describe what Red Squirrel would be able to do, and how the supplier relationship would work.

The key selling point for me was Mandy's pro-activity. Many of the accountants and fiduciaries would prepare the paperwork, charge a huge fee and then let you tackle the ministries and the bureaucracy on your own. Mandy's comfort with the languages of Luxembourg and familiarity with the business community, allowed her to expedite the set-up of my company seamlessly on my behalf.

Without Mandy I would simply not be able to devote the amount of time to my customers that I do.

Luke Firth, Firth Improvement S.à.r.l..